How Staging Can Sell Your Luxury Home Faster and For More

How Staging Can Sell Your Luxury Home Faster and For More

  • The Dougherty Group
  • 10/5/22

When listing a property, sellers want to do everything they can to ensure their experience in the housing market will be a success. Selling a home takes hard work, and a lot of preparation is needed before a property hits the market if it is going to sell for top dollar quickly. To give themselves the best competitive advantage, many sellers choose to undergo a home staging process before their property is listed and potential buyers begin coming for tours.

The home staging process involves changing a property’s interior and exterior spaces to improve its aesthetic. Changes can be as minor as replacing the comforters to as major as renting all new furniture. By undergoing a home staging process, sellers ensure their property is presented in its best possible condition, so potential buyers are charmed from the moment they walk through the door.

Having served within the Morris County real estate market for years, The Dougherty Group knows what it takes to close a deal on Morris County homes for sale. To assist the sellers they work with, The Dougherty Group leverages immense knowledge on the home staging process and its many benefits when selling a luxury home. They have handled countless transactions on Morris County homes for sale in competitive markets, including Morristown real estate and Morris Plains real estate. Moreover, they have seen the strong impact staging can have on attracting potential buyers. From chic townhomes for sale in Morris County, NJ, to extravagant Morristown mansions, the The Dougherty Group has seen just about every type of property the Morris County real estate market offers. They know firsthand the importance of home staging to homeowners selling a luxury home.

As you prepare to sell your property at a premium price, check out these tips and tricks by The Dougherty Group on how staging can sell your luxury home faster and for more.

Showcasing the potential

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To give your home its best opportunity to stand out against its competition in the local housing market, you need to showcase its potential for buyers to see. As time goes on, life can get hectic, and this is often reflected in our living spaces. Take the time to declutter all rooms, so they appear airy and open instead of stuffy and cramped. If you have excess furniture, rent a local storage unit while your home is being shown to buyers. You also want to give your home a deep cleaning and may wish to hire a local cleaning service. If the outdoor areas haven’t been maintained recently, contact a local landscaper. Be sure to showcase the potential of your home by presenting it while it’s in its best form.

Upgrading the decor

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Every home needs a little sprucing up, and you want potential buyers to see just how stylish your property can be. Make upgrades to the decor to create a chic, polished, and trendy look. Get some patterned throw pillows for the couch, add a sculpture to the bookshelf, replace the hardware on the cabinets, or hang a painting on an empty wall. The possibilities are endless, and every thoughtful upgrade will influence potential buyers, whether big or small. If you want style guidance throughout the process, you can contact an interior designer or a professional staging company in your neighborhood.

Highlighting the best features

Staging a home allows you to highlight all of its best features. If you have a gorgeous fireplace, arrange the furniture in a way that calls attention to it. If an open kitchen is one of your favorite things about your home, do whatever you can to call attention to what a great entertaining space it is. Put placemats on the island to show how it’s also a social gathering space while cooking. Whatever your home’s best features are, now’s your chance to give them the attention they deserve.

Setting the ambiance

You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living inside the space from the moment they enter the door. Doing so requires setting an ambiance inside your home that is warm, relaxing, and inviting. Place a plate of freshly baked cookies on the kitchen countertop or add a vase of fresh flowers to a side table to make a home appear more welcoming. Place candles in the bathrooms or hang outdoor lighting around a patio for a tranquil vibe. Adding finishing touches that establish a mood throughout your home will put potential buyers in the right frame of mind as they stroll through it.

Selling a home certainly isn’t easy, but there are a few things you could do to set yourself up for success. Undergoing a home staging process is an excellent way to prepare your property for its listing, and it can have an enormous effect on the amount your home sells for and how long it stays on the market. By showcasing the potential, upgrading the decor, highlighting the best features, and setting the ambiance of your space during home staging, you’ll be giving your property everything it needs to sweep potential buyers off their feet.

If you’re looking to sell your home and need a qualified real estate agent, contact The Dougherty Group today. As Morris County real estate professionals in several highly desirable neighborhoods, The Dougherty Group knows how to get a luxury home sold at a premium price. As some of the best agents in the Morris County real estate market, they have provided many homeowners with the expert guidance and valuable insight needed to get their property listed, staged, and sold. By working with The Dougherty Group, you’ll be giving yourself a competitive advantage and setting your sale up to succeed.

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