Moving, in general, can be daunting, which is why so many people utilize the services of a licensed RealtorⓇ to guide them through and solve the unexpected issues that can crop up. However, relocation under particular circumstances — long distances, internationally, retirement, or military, for instance — can be even more difficult due to the more specialized obstacles that tend to arise. In those cases, seek out a real estate agency that is specially qualified and experienced to suit your exact needs.

We work hard to obtain additional certifications that benefit our clients and make us uniquely prepared to handle exceptional cases. On top of that, we go out of our way to stay on top of news and knowledge about the areas we serve, so if you’re wondering which township has the best schools for your children or about the best pet-grooming salon in Old Bridge, we know that just as well as we know about the two-bedroom house down the road and how to negotiate the best deal for you to purchase your dream home. Our goal is to help you not only find a house but make a life.


Relocation Services

Whether you’re moving across town or around the world, the real estate agents at The Dougherty Group are prepared to help you every step of the way for a smooth and seamless transition. From staging, listing, and selling your home to helping you find not only a new house in which to settle, our agents are well-trained and experienced to ensure that you get exactly what you want and need. We are certified relocation professionals (CRPⓇ) licensed through Worldwide ERC in tax and legal matters related to buying or selling a home, real estate marketing, appraisal methods, and both family and corporate relocation — we also are re-certified every three years to ensure that we remain up-to-date on changing trends, regulations, and more.


Senior Real Estate Services

Maybe you’re facing retirement yourself, maybe you see your aging parents struggling to maintain the family home — there comes a time for every person to decide where to live out their twilight years for optimal comfort and ease. This choice can be difficult on multiple levels — financially, logistically, and emotionally — but The Dougherty Group can make it easier. As certified Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRESⓇ), we are trained to help you downsize, from maximizing the outcome of selling your current house to finding a new, accessible home that will suit your needs, to identifying loan scams and working with legitimate financing sources, to helping you through the emotional aspects of the process. Our extensive network also gives you access to top-notch professionals for your every need, from home inspectors to accountants. 

Work With Us

The Dougherty Group believes that everything starts with great service, knowledge of the area and care for our clients. Reach out today and let us help you with your real estate needs!

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