A Local's Guide to Parks in Morris County, NJ

A Local's Guide to Parks in Morris County, NJ

  • The Dougherty Group
  • 05/13/22

When choosing a community you plan to call your home, it’s essential to know what’s available in the surrounding areas for both yourself and your family. Whether you’re someone who tries to keep active outdoors or if you have kids who need a physical outlet or you are planning to relocate to a home big enough to start a family then knowing what parks are in the area can help set you up for success. The atmosphere of the neighborhood and the amenities nearby directly affect how pleasurable the location can be.
If you’re considering Morris County, New Jersey, for your next home and want to know some of the local parks in the area, then this guide is for you. Morris County has a lot to offer, including plenty of recreational amenities like golf, tennis, biking, running, or horseback riding, you’re sure to find an opportunity here. And if you’re looking for an excellent place to raise the kids with fun playgrounds nearby, you can find numerous high-quality ones here.
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About Morris County, NJ

First established in 1738, modern Morris County is considered a small to medium township with a modest population of under 500,000. The county consists of many neighborhoods and smaller towns, with the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township being the most populous at just over 53,000 residents. Young professionals, families, and students make up most of the population, so it’s the perfect place for purchasing Morristown real estate.

Morris County is outdoor-lover friendly

If staying sporty and active is important to you, Morris County is a great place to relocate. Any time you feel the need to get outdoors and move around, this area will have something for you to do. There are plenty of parks for walks, jogs, or hikes. You can easily start up a golf, tennis, biking, or horseback riding hobby. You’re only a couple of hours from the Atlantic Ocean if you want to enjoy some water sports or get a relaxing seaside vacation. If you want a closer beach to visit, you have multiple options since you’re near Mine Hill Beach, Shore Hills Beach, Shongum Lake, and Cranberry Lake.

8 of the best local parks in Morris County, NJ

1. Schiff Nature Preserve

Photo Courtesy of Skylands Visitor
At Schiff Nature Preserve, you’re welcome to explore trails, take an environmental education program, host an eco-themed birthday party, or even enroll your kids in the ever-popular Summer Nature Program. This park boasts 12 miles of marked trails and over 750 acres of protected land, all in the heart of Morris County. Visitors come by to play, hike, support the preserved efforts, and simply enjoy the beauty of the community.

2. The Morristown Green

Many visitors are surprised to learn that the town of Morristown doesn’t own Morristown Green. As you explore the area, you’ll find many fascinating historical locations, and Morristown Green is one of them. Commonly referred to as simply “the Green,” this historical park is at the center of Morristown and remains in private ownership. It was purchased back in 1816 by the Trustees of the Morristown Green, a band of 13 men set on preserving history. It features two and a half acres of land and was once used as a military base, training ground, and location for public executions.

3. Bayne Park

If you’re looking for a relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors, Bayne Park is a great solution. It offers a peaceful walk around the pond with viewings of fish and luscious fields. In the winter months, you can expect to see some ice skating, but it’s mainly used as a walking park for dog owners and parents of small children in the warmer months. Keep in mind that while there are benches and tables for sitting, there are no restrooms available at this park.

4. The Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Photo Courtesy of Morris County Tourism Bureau
The George Griswold Frelinghuysen Arboretum provides a stunning, 127-acre property reserved for a wide variety of horticultural activities. The arboretum is bursting with meadows, lovely gardens, calming woodlands, and plenty of distinct, memorable tree collections to set the perfect tone for a comfortable, meditative stroll. It is open daily free of charge, but keep in mind the location is mainly run on donations, so every bit helps.

5. Loantaka Brook Reservation

If you’re looking for a few generous miles of trails for biking, jogging, horseback riding, or even cross-country skiing in the winter, then Loantaka Brook Reservation is a great choice. Composed of 883 acres and offering 9.9 miles of trails, this greenway is perfect for your afternoon outdoor activities. Enjoy either paved or unpaved paths through beautiful scenery and nature. A convenient digital trail map can help you stay on track.

6. Patriots' Path

Providing a variety of trail types, Patriots’ Path is a multi-use trail system in Morris County open to the public. It has paved, pebble, and dirt paths, some featuring plenty of roots and ditches for an exciting mountain biking ride. The park offers lots to explore for hikers, horseback riders, and cyclists throughout its 55-mile main trail line and 35 miles of spur trails.

7. Morristown National Historical Park

Morristown National Historical Park is a must-see if you’re new to the area or looking to explore local favorites. It’s part of the National Parks Service, memorialized as the location where General George Washington’s Continental Army camped during part of the Revolutionary War, from December 1779 through June 1780. The area's hiking trails pay testament to the historical and cultural events of the area, celebrating the significance of various landmarks nearby. Locals enjoy hosting reenactments at Morristown National Historical Park throughout the year, where you can see soldiers dressed in period-accurate uniforms for a weekend.

8. Hacklebarney State Park

When you visit the Hacklebarney State Park, you can view the beautiful freshwater Black River Gorge, enjoy the nearby woodlands, and walk the scenic trails for a therapeutic nature escape. This area was primarily used as an iron ore mine back in the 19th century, but in today’s age, it provides a popular place for anglers and hikers to enjoy a bit of nature. It’s great for hiking, family outings, and peaceful walks.

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